Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Black Cab Sessions: A New TV Show

Having long been at the forefront (and creme de la creme) of all the 'sessions' videos cropping up on youtube, Black Cab Sessions have taken the USA with their new programme airing on Channel 4 tonight.The infamous black cab will travel around the States, visiting meaningful cities to artists, and bringing the best of the American music scenes to our living rooms.

Black Cab Sessions USA from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.

Tune into Channel 4 at 12.10am tonight, or watch the programme on 4OD later

Monday, 27 February 2012

One To Watch: Tom Williams & The Boat

      Folk band, Tom Williams & The Boat, have been raising money for their second album, Teenage Blood, via Pledgemusic, and have finally passed their target. Having self-released their music in the past, the band have teamed up with London record label Moshi Moshi (Bloc Party, Slow Club, Au Revoir Simone) for the album. Although they've already reached their target, you can still pledge, and (hailing from Kent) a portion of the money raised will go towards local charity, Kent Air Ambulance - a very worthy cause.

      Their first single from Teenage Blood,  My Bones' simple melancholy and darkness is breathtaking and an extremely promising introduction to the album which is released on April 16th.

You can download My Bones for free from and check out the band at  Grey Lady in Tunbridge Wells on March 4th, and The Bull & Gate in London on March 22nd.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Up and Coming: Django Django

Hailing from Edinburgh, Django Django has just released its eponymous debut album. Despite having been on the music scene for several years, the Scottish lads are only just getting the recognition they deserve. Their psychedelic pop is infectious and perfect for this wintery sunny spell we're experiencing at the moment.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Album Review: Born To Die - Lana Del Rey

Album: Born To Die
Record label: Interscope
Genre: Indie-Pop
For fans of: Ellie Goulding, Marina & The Diamonds
Best Song: Born To Die
Rating: 8/10 
     Since Video Games emerged on the internet last June, the mammoth amount of column inches would have been enough to cause anyone to break down under the pressure of creating perhaps THE album of the decade. With speculations on her millionaire/trailer park background, rather inflated lips, and that Saturday Night Live performance, it's no wonder that there have been mixed reactions to Lana Del Rey's new album, Born To Die. The many comments on her appearance and authenticity seem to somewhat detract from what the most important thing is - the music.

       Many have critiscised LDR for her apparent sugar-sweet innocence, but on the album, her sweet breathy voice seems to sing with a certain wisdom normally reserved for singers with careers spanning whole lifetimes. However we mustn't forget that despite having only been thrown into the public eye in the past year, Lizzy Grant (actual name), has been around on the music scene for a fair while longer, releasing a full length studio album back in January 2010. Born To Die, certainly seems to suggest a hidden past. Del Rey relates that the title track is about her wilder youth, singing 'come and take a walk on the wild side'. The haunting melancholy alongside soaring violins and a driving drum beat sends shivers up your spine, and the gentle power of the song really stands out on the album.

      Diet Mountain Dew, on the other hand is a far more up tempo track and almost seems reminiscent of Sleigh Bells' Rill Rill, whilst National Anthem sparkles with visions of living the American Dream. Although LDR will most likely never win an award for most inspired lyrics, (yes, 'Money is the reason, we exists. Everybody knows it, it's a fact. Kiss, kiss', I'm looking at you), the beautiful simplicity of the melodies, combined with such a dulcet voice makes for a stunning album.

     Recent reports state that this could be Lana Del Rey's first and only album (as she's so pleased with it), however I sure hope that in the future we see more of her, and perhaps next time her critics won't be so harsh.
 Born To Die is out now on Interscope and Polydor, and for more information, visit:
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