Monday, 21 March 2011

The Ixpo Plant A Tree Scheme

I  was reading Dahl's post on The Arc en Ciel about this scheme and thought what a great idea it was! Ixpo work out how much carbon your blog produces, and then plants a tree for you, as long as you sign up to their initiative and put their 'carbon positive' button on your blog. According to Dr. Alexander Wissner-Gross (a physicist at Harvard University) an average visit to a blog produces around 0.02g of carbon, and so a blog that recieves 15,000 visits a month can produce up to 3.5kg of carbon a year. The UNFCC will plant a tree for each blogger who signs up to the scheme, and each tree helps to remove 10kg of carbon from the atmosphere, which means that your blog will actually be carbon positive by 6.5kg of carbon each year! Anything that helps the world is definititely worth a try, no matter how small - and as Tesco say, every little helps!

Visit their website to find out more


  1. i really like your blog :)


  2. Whoa! It's so cool to see my blog/name posted on another blog. I'm really glad there are other bloggers out there passionate for the environment, thanks so much for posting this :)


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