Thursday, 9 June 2011

I've Been Listening To...

Mykonos (Alternate Version) - Fleet Foxes

Love love love this song so much! I was in love with the original at first, but on hearing this version I immediately prefered it. There's just something about the piano chords that seem so 'jazzy' and happy.


  1. Love it! I haven't listened to Fleet Foxes for years - I'm glad they're getting the recognition they deserve nowadays!

    I love music posts :)

  2. I only discovered them within the past year, but am now kicking myself for not finding out about them sooner - I've missed out! and I'm glad you like music posts, I would like to do more, but I'm always worried that people might get bored.
    Flora x

  3. I used to listen to them when I was a bit of a new music hound and used to go hunting out new things all the time! Nowadays I've lost that need and am happy listening to the same things :)

    I always think that whenever I do a music post but then I realised that I don't care really lol I like music so I'm going to post about it!

  4. oooh this song is great! I know what you mean, the piano chords in the beginning are terrific!! Thanks for the sweet graduation wishes :)

  5. thank-you for the comment, i love fleet foxes xx

  6. only heard of them once or twice, really like this song though :)

  7. glad you all like the song!


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