Sunday, 2 October 2011

Focus On: Mat Gibson

 Album: Forest Fire
Record label: Clubhouse Records
Genre: Americana
For fans of: Bruce Springsteen 
Best song: Lord Only Knows
Rating: 7/10

 Forest Fire opens with the haunting Lord Only Knows, and in the first few bars it's almost reminiscent of Fleet Foxes - a paired down opening with no added frills or extraneous baggage. With many country/folk songs it seems that they trot along at the same pace, never really going anywhere; however the slide guitar echoing in the background of Lord Only Knows introduces a bridge in the journey, and ensures that it actually reaches somewhere.

     Having lived in Quebec for a couple of years, it's clear where Mat Gibson's influences come from. The songs on Forest Fire are crisp and fresh and the harmonica solos conjure up images of the soaring mountains and cooling lakes of the open Canadian landscape. Recorded with producer, Rowland Prytherch (Danny & The Champions of the World, The Epstein) Forest Fire is simple and minimalistic, and the lack of a percussion section means that little detracts from the power of Gibson's voice.

     Musically, at times the songs are a tad repetitive if one were to listen to the album in full, however in short busts Forest Fire has thought-provoking elements and a simplicity that is refreshing.
      For those around in London tomorrow evening (October 3rd), Mat Gibson will be playing at The Windmill in Brixton so be sure to check him out!

Forest Fire is out now. Visit for more information.


  1. Love Bruce Springsteen, so will definitely check Mat Gibson out!

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  3. just listened to the album, i agree he gives a slight resembling feel of fleet foxes, my favourite song's probably lord only knows so far. i'm now following your blog, i hope you check out mine :-) xx


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