Saturday, 19 November 2011

Review: Mylo Xyloto - Coldplay

Release date: 24th October 2011
Best song: Paradise
Rating: 6/10

Described by Chris Martin as an album about 'love, addiction, OCD, escape and working for someone you don't like' Mylo Xyloto is a progression from their previous albums - a step forward perhaps as Coldplay work to compete with some of the biggest pop acts of today; and produced by Brian Eno, it's obvious he's had a huge influence on the album's sound. With stifling synths and heavy beats, the buzzing electronica of Mylo Xyloto dramatically contrasts with their earlier work. The gentle piano hooks of their second album,  'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' seem a million miles away from 'Princess of China', featuring none other than the princess of pop herself, Rihanna.On first listening, I thought my speakers had broken, but no it turns out the song's tinny, slightly fuzzy sound is all part of the effect, and I was rather disappointed that there wasn't much more to the song than a lot of 'oohing' - a typical Coldplay lyric.

     The distortion on Martin's voice in 'Hurts Like Heaven' ruins what is otherwise an upbeat catchy tune, and despite it's 'poppish' roots, is still distinctly Coldplay.However, where they truly redeem themselves is on Paradise. Yes, it's pop and yes, it's synthesised, but for once, nothing detracts attention from the emotion conveyed by Chris Martin. With a minute long introduction rich with strings, Paradise's power stands alone from the rest of the album, and is truly glittering.

       Despite the success of Paradise, as a band that is officially 'The Best Act In The World Today' I expected more of Coldplay's fifth studio album. The songs disappear into a sea of heavy synths, and the lyrics are underwhelming. Regardless of the critical acclaim the band has had for its previous albums, Mylo Xyloto is dull, and wasn't the 'stripped back' album that Chris Martin promised. The tracks lack depth and overall were disappointing considering the hype over the release of Mylo Xyloto.


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  2. Couldn't agree more Flora, great review! Reviewing Mylo Xyloto myself right this minute - will be up soon :)

  3. thanks! would be interesting to see what you think of it, looking forward to reading your review.
    Flora x

  4. Thank god for this review, Flora! Finally someone who doesn´t think everything Coldplay do magically turns into gold... Great review!

  5. Don't get me wrong I still think Coldplay are an amazing band, but I just was disappointed with Mylo Xyloto. Hopefully for the next album they'll go back to their roots.


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