Sunday, 30 September 2012

Album Review: Long Goner - Mat Gibson

Album: Long Goner
Record Label: RoseBird Records
Genre: Americana
For fans of: Fleet Foxes
Best Song: Before The Dawn
Rating: 9/10

      Since the release of Forest Fire back in 2011, Mat Gibson has gone from strength to strength to produce an even more sumptuous follow-up in Long Goner, a year on.

     Gibson's voice rings out with a beautiful sensitivity on Before The Dawn, whilst the crashing keys and drums anchor the haunting melody from drifting away. The Americana feel to the song stays true to Gibson's roots, but also exudes a sophistication that Forest Fire occasionally lacked in; his faultless tone making hairs stand on end.

     This new-found elegance spans the whole album, with the lyrics relating a darker edge than his previous work. On Dark Well of Sorrow, Gibson sings 'when you feel left for dead, when every glimmer of hope is gone, don't fall or trip, take another dip into the dark well of sorrow' - a simple lesson in the beauty of indulging in your inner melancholy.

     Long Goner is the perfect release for Autumn, with Gibson's icy voice wonderfully contrasting with the warmth of the rich guitar and piano. Whilst the leaves fall off the trees in a sea of oranges and reds, curl up by the fire with a wee dram and Long Goner on repeat, close your eyes and allow your mind to wallow in that delicious autumnal malaise.

Long Goner is out now on RoseBird Records. For more information, and to get a free download of Before The Dawn, visit

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