Monday, 10 June 2013

Single review: Calling Out Your Name - The Epstein


Out today on Zawinul Records is The Epstein's beautiful new single, Calling Out Your Name. Starting with Olly Wills' gentle vocals, the track gradually builds up with violins and drums to a spine tingling finish with gorgeous harmonies and rich layers of guitar. Wills sings with such a determined sincerity, it's not difficult to believe him when he sings 'If you walk away I'll search the whole earth', and that's much of the charm of the band - the lyrics convey such genuine emotion it's clear Wills believes every word he utters. It's a stunning effort, and here's hoping it finally gets The Epstein the attention they deserve. 

The Epstein will be playing in Oxford on 27th June and London on 30th June. 
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