Saturday, 27 July 2013

Murmurations - The Epstein


Album: Murmurations
Label: Zawinul 

The Epstein have returned with their second album, Murmurations. Although there was no official release date for the album in the UK (it was previously released in Benelux by PIAS), it has already attracted widespread praise from fans and critics for its refreshing take on country music.  Despite dramatic line-up changes over the past few years (when I first saw the band play in 2011, they were missing a rhythm section) the band has steadily been gaining support here, but also particularly in mainland Europe, where numerous festival appearances and tours have cemented them as a fond favourite.

Alongside the line-up changing, The Epstein's original country vibe has also greatly evolved over the past few years, and in Murmurations, has found a new sense of sophistication. The tracks are refined whilst still retaining a slight rock'n'roll edge, showing that the band have truly found a niche for their music.

To read more of my thoughts on 'Murmurations', head over to Artrocker's website to read my review of the album launch earlier this month.

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