Thursday, 16 January 2014

Single review: Hengelo - Spring Offensive


Whilst fans eagerly await the release of Spring Offensive's debut album, Young Animal Hearts, the band have released Hengelo, a mesmerising song that manages to be both energetic and reflective - Spring Offensive's trademark. The jangling bass-line provides a fast pace to the song, but the intensity of the music is wonderfully contrasted with melancholic lyrics. 

Inspired by the story of Hengelo's "Forest Boy", lead-singer, Lucas Whitworth, sings of the feeling of being lost. 'I'm at the gates, I wait in hope, frozen by the Eastern cold. I was in Berlin, I was on my own.' The lyrics are simple, and yet filled with emotion - when Whitworth sings, as much is conveyed in his voice as in the lyrics. 

The song as a whole is beautifully thought-provoking, and hints at the treats to come on their album. If Hengelo is anything to go by, Young Animal Hearts should show Spring Offensive to be worthy of more attention than they currently receive. 

Spring Offensive will play at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on 24th April. For more information visit 
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