Thursday, 27 January 2011

Stornoway: Possibly one of the best bands ever

 I've been meaning to do a post about Stornoway for a while now, so here it finally is! Discovered them this summer (well I say discovered, really I stole them off my sister)and in my opinion they're the best band ever, with the best album ever. I guess what I like about them is that every single track on their album 'Beachcomber's Windowsill' is amazing.. and that's quite unusual as most artists normally only have a couple of good tracks on each album.
    According to Wikipedia, Stornoway first played on radio back in 2006 with 'I Saw You Blink', and apparently radio presenter Tim Bearder was suspended for 2 days after playing an hour of Stornoway on his breakfast show... which made me laugh (whether it's true or not!)
    Sadly I left it too late to by tickets to their gig in London back in Novemeber, and now it's a long wait until they come back - they're touring Australia at the moment and then Europe, and unfortunately no mention of London on their website, so I guess waiting it is.

In the meantime visit their website:


  1. What a surprise! It's the first time I hear this band, sounds very good! Nice blog!
    I follow you,

  2. Glad you like them :) and I'm now following you aswell.. great way to practice my spanish!
    Flora x

  3. I love your Stornoway posts. It´s always great to see other people enjoying their music! :)
    By the way, looks like it´s true that Tim Bearder got suspended for playing an hour of Stornoway. Check out this video from BBC Introducing. Brian talks about Tim at the beginning.
    Caroline xx

  4. Completely agree, they are a great band. I've seen them three times now, and can't wait for the fourth, not to mention their new album :)


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